I’ve biked all over the country , but if I had to choose only 1 place to bike for the rest of my life it would be on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Why do I like it so much? There are no route changes, the road surface is excellent, no commercial traffic, the max speed limit is 45 (does that apply to bicycles?), and there is breath taking scenery almost everywhere. There’s probably no highway more suited to bicycling in the world.
Mike, AL

The Blue Ridge Parkway is cyclists’ best kept secret. It is a quiet, peaceful road with gorgeous scenery, awesome views, excellent road conditions and very little traffic. I have cycled in many places over some wonderful areas but this trip was the best. A challenge in paradise. Shh!!–keep the secret, cyclists. Don’t tell too many folks. I know I want to come back and cycle the entire length again and again and again—“.
Patty – New York, NY

I wanted to thank you again for providing such an excellent cycling experience for us last week. The trip was without a doubt the best time I have ever had cycling! I appreciate all of your planning and advice during the trip and I will highly recommend your tour service to anyone. I sure have many great memories from our tour and I can’t wait to ride another tour with you next year- I really would like to ride the entire route, even including some additional “classic climbs” along the way! Thanks again for everything!
Andrew – Greenville, SC

I am just now coming off the euphoria of the Blue Ridge. It was really an awesome time. Take care. We had a really great time. One of our most memorable trips!
Amy – New York, NY

It was the best. I’ve already started spreading the word about how great and professional the entire trip was.
Trey – Simpsonville, SC

We enjoy the variety of accommodations and meals. Your level of attentiveness and service continues to impress us. It is reassuring to have your bicycle knowledge and tools at hand to address any problems. You do a great job of assessing each guest’s riding ability and interests then adjusting the tour to meet each person’s needs and ability.
Jim & Pam

What makes your tours so special is the that they provide the opportunity for guests to really experience the culture of the region. The bicycling is great, but it goes way beyond that. We love traveling with you!
Private Natchez Trace Tour

I’ve been thinking about what I can say about our trip with you. Everything was wonderful, but I think the one thing that really makes your tour stand out is your careful attention to detail. By taking the time to check out and find the very best in accommodations and dining you make your tours a truly memorable experience. Your familiarity with the area and your experience in cycling showed in every aspect of the trip. Lots of companies do nice tours, but it’s the details that really make yours stand out.
Jim & Ida

We found Black Bear after a search on the Internet seeking a bike company to help with a trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway. The trip itself exceeded our expectations. The accommodations and food were excellent. The bike routes were well selected to meet our mileage and degree of difficulty expectations. They offered a good mix of Trace and country road riding to keep things interesting. Rest stops were well spaced apart to keep everyone together and provide appropriate on-the-road support. The guide was very bike knowledgeable and made the trip fun. We would recommend Black Bear to any serious bicyclist who is looking for a challenging but supported trip.
Bob & Sally – Rochester, NY

I have longed to cycle the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end and Black Bear Adventures made this dream possible. I have taken numerous cycling tours and others don’t measure up in value for the dollar. The support you and your staff provided was outstanding! The scenery and terrain were awesome, the accommodations were first rate, the food was fabulous and the van was there when ever I needed anything. What else could I ask for? Thank you for the most memorable tour I could possibly imagine on the most difficult terrain I have ever cycled. I look forward to future tours with Black Bear Adventures.
Janae – Chicago, IL

The trip was truly wonderful. Everyone in our riding group was not only a good rider but an intelligent, friendly companion as well. Brian was a great group leader and the support was perfect. Add to this the beautiful scenery and excellent riding and you get a truly memorable trip. I can now take the Blue Ridge Parkway bike trip off my lifelong checklist of things to do. I would do another Black Bear Adventures trip in a heartbeat.
Jeff – Kingsport, TN

It was a FANTASTIC trip!! Thanks again for a great trip – I will definitely tell all my friends and come back again as soon as I can!
Shelly – Bethesda, MD

5 star service, 5 star accommodations. 5 star scenery, 5 star workout!
Paul does a great job of finding the greatest places to stay, Great mechanic and ready to do anything that is necessary or even just helpful! Would recommend to anyone!
Jay – Dallas, TX

We had a fantastic experience! We’re on our way to planning for next year’s adventure. You were very attentive to our needs and professional in your approach. We felt like you would have done just about anything to make sure we had a great time.
Panos & Cheryl- Atlanta, GA

About the most enjoyable biking trip that I have ever had!
Charles “Big Red” – Atlanta, GA

Western North Carolina has some of the most scenic and smoothest roads that we have ever ridden on. It is one of cyclings best kept secrets!
Dwight & Linda – Granite Bay, CA

I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed our week of riding through the Mississippi and Louisiana.
Your enthusiasm for the region and for riding were infectious, making the trip exciting. I also appreciated all the energy that you put into all the arrangements, allowing us to do nothing but have lots of fun. It was an unexpected bonus for me that I learned a great deal about the Civil War.
Harvey – Chicago – IL

Hi Paul!! Just got home and wanted to thank you for the great trip!! Thanks for accommodating us……we had a perfect week!!
Don and Suzy – San Diego, CA

We all had such a great time, and the trip exceeded our expectations. The bike routes, food, accommodations, and company were more than we had hoped for.
Erica – Charlotte, NC

Last week I emailed all of you letting you know that I would be out of town on a bike trip in the NC mountains. Well, I made it back to Cary, I’m tired…and can’t wait to go back! Eleven of my coworkers and I used a guided tour service, Black Bear Adventures, to provide us with a completely supported bike trip. These guys were amazing – we just showed-up, pedaled, ate, relaxed, ate some more, slept, and had lots of fun while they took care of everything. The ride routes were challenging, but not extreme especially for experienced athletes like all of you. Each cyclist could take the climbs at their own pace, and then we would regroup at the top. Every hour or so the support van magically appeared with cold drinks, several kinds of bars and gels, solid foods, mechanical support, and our bags of extra clothing and gear. I felt like a pro Tour rider having someone carry my arm warmers and vest on the climbs so I could put them back on for the descents. Huge breakfasts, lunches served along the route, and great dinners were part of the package.
Darren – Raleigh, NC

I had a great time and thank you very much for making everything work so well. I need to say that I would do the whole thing over again just to eat all that food.
Thomas – Carbondale, IL

Thanks so much for a truly outstanding week, and I’m not just thanking you for the great scenery & such. Your efforts/approach to running a tour are really first class, and it has been just great to be with you all this time. Based on this, your tour business has a wonderful future.
John – Wilmington, DE

EXCELLENT tour – fantastic, incredible, and many more superlatives… I’m actually having a difficult time “coming down” from it and settling into day-to-day life.
Jane – Charleston, SC

Had a great time and you all made it a fantastic trip. I’ve gone on a few cycling tours in the past but this one was the best. Had many great laughs and fun. Will be looking forward to your next cycling adventure tour.
Audrey – Homewood, IL

I just want to thank you so much for making our bike trip so wonderful. Everything about it, was perfect. The lodging was so varied and each night I looked forward to seeing where I would lay my head. I love the idea that you went from luxury hotels, to rustic cabins, to out of the way lodges. The dining experience was just as impressive. I love the relaxed picnic lunches along the blue ridge parkway to our huge feasts at dinner time. After biking all day, food as you know, is very important …but I never expected to eat that well! Or that much! It was beyond my expectations. I really can’t say enough, but you out did yourself.
Warren & Robin – Long Island, NY

My October tour was thoroughly enjoyable and operationally well conducted. The group of riders was very congenial and robust, the food was super, and the tour itinerary was suburb. Aside from the fantastic scenery, the Blue Ridge Parkway is an ideal venue given its ban on commercial traffic. I particularly enjoyed lunch when we ate right alongside the parkway – looking out at the panoramic fall foliage. Needless to say, I hope to make another such tour in the future
Dennis – Ellijay, GA

The Natchez Trace was a delightful, historical bicycling adventure of varied scenic beauty, fun camaraderie, enthusiastic guidance and the welcome flavor of reputed Southern Hospitality.
Stephen & Civia – San Diego, CA

Bicycling the Natchez Trace is a wonderful experience for both body and mind. The leg muscles rejoiced at cycling up to 60 miles per day on smooth, lightly traveled, slightly rolling roadways. Our whole bodies blessed the big soft beds in the great old antebellum B&Bs that we stayed at most of the time. Our stomachs were treated to great breakfasts, customized -tailored lunches, and excellent local cuisine for dinners. Our eyes were treated to clean curving roads with manicured grassy borders, and healthy green trees in the process of converting to autumn colors. Finally, our brains were in for a treat as we took in the culture of the South – its history, its architecture, its music, some of its art and photography, and the graciousness and charm of its people.
Joseph & Edith – La Jolla, CA

Our custom tour of the northern Natchez Trace and the area around Nashville, Tennessee, took us through lovely scenery, showed us many places of interest, and provided enjoyable cycling. Our accommodations were of the highest quality and the meals were superb. Black Bear Adventures treated us to cheerful and generous support that more than met our needs and granted our every request. We highly recommend cycling with Black Bear Adventures Bicycle Tours.
Pam & Jim – Spencerport, New York

We loved the bike trip. You guys are the best tour guides ever. The rides were tough but fantastic. The scenery was beautiful. Thanks again!!!!
Mike & Beverly – Thomaston, GA