Although I have been quietly offering private guiding services for a select number of guests for years I have kept this service very limited. In 2014 I decided to open up this service to accommodate the burgeoning active travel sect that has begun to descend on Asheville and the surrounding communities of Western NC.

So if you find yourself in our beautiful corner of the world and would like to spend a day or three on the wonderful roads or the world class trails that we are blessed to have access to give me a shout since there is nothing I like better than sharing my favorite riding in the country!

We offer private guiding for those visiting the area with the following criteria:

  • Private Guide service is provided at a minimum revenue of $475/day + expenses
  • Bike rental is $45/day.
  • We will design routes based on your desire and experience level but rest assured they will include the best of “venues” in the area, we know all the best roads and trails!